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Ever since Steve Jobs was reported as telling his son to get into biotechnology, there’s been a big buzz around the industry.

There’s no wonder when you consider that bitotechnology essentially brings together the biggest advances in science with the biggest advances in technology. Companies at the forefront of the biotech are constantly breaking down barriers and pushing us forward in ways we never thought possible. Indeed, before now they weren’t possible.

That’s why Steve Jobs advised his son to get into this area – it’s potentially one of the biggest growth areas of the next few decades.

And naturally, investors who have been canny enough to get in on this early have already been enjoying the first fruits of the new bull market.

It’s far from over. And as the market is now maturing, the real winners are set to make their mark. Just like Microsoft and Apple cam through the dotcom boom victorious, we expect you’ll soon start to see the true biotech giants coming to the fore.

To help you spot them and guide you through this exciting new investment world, each week we publish Breakthrough Biotech Alert with investment veteran Tom Bulford.

Tom has been a private investor for nearly 40 years, but he’s never been more excited or motivated than he is now. To him the boom in biotech represents an opportunity for private investors like no other. He’s thrown himself head first into the industry and spends most of his time visiting with the scientists and companies behind the different breakthroughs the biotech community is making.

Each week he reports to readers what’s new and what’s coming and using his often exclusive insight into the projects he’s studying, he makes recommendations on where investors like you should be putting their money to make the most from the booming biotech market.


Tom Bulford

Tom Bulford

For over 20 years, Tom worked as a fund manager in the City of London and in Hong Kong. During his time as a director with Schroder Investment Management International he was responsible for £2 billion of foreign clients’ money, and launched what became Argentina’s largest mutual fund. Tom now works from his home in Oxfordshire, where he researches and writes for his premium newsletter, Breakthrough Biotech Alert.

Sean Keyes

Sean Keyes

Sean graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a BA in Economics and Political Science, and from University College Dublin with an MA in Economics. Previously managing editor at MoneyWeek, he manages Agora Financial’s small cap newsletters and writes Risk and Reward. His job is, simply, to write about the world’s most exciting investment opportunities.