Welcome to Cryptocurrency Profits

Cryptocurrency Profits is Britain’s first dedicated publication to how to profit from cryptocurrencies.

To my knowledge no other publication focuses solely on this exciting, changing opportunity.  That means all our energy, time and resources goes into uncovering the next big crypto play.

Every other week the Cryptocurrency Profits team will be letting members know all about the latest movements and developments in the cryptocurrency markets.

Not only that, they will let you know which cryptocurrencies to buy and hold for the best chance of long-term profits.

The best thing about the little-known cryptos the Cryptocurrency Profits team will share with you is that most of them can be bought for mere pennies.

This means you can start small – with stakes as low as £20 – and still get a lot of cryptocurrencies for your money.

And these cryptocurrencies could easily begin skyrocketing in price by 300%, 500% or even 2,500%.

Like Reddcoin, which exploded in value by a whopping 1,134% in a recent 7-day period.

That’s enough to turn £20 into almost £227… or £200 into £2,268.

That’s just one of dozens of opportunities that the Cryptocurrency Profits team will be bringing to you over the coming months – to help you potentially pocket a massive fortune from the red-hot cryptocurrency markets.

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Meet The Cryptocurrency Profits Team

Khashayar Abbasi

Khashayar purchased his first Bitcoin back in 2014 and has since spent much of his time researching the various use-cases of Blockchain technology and personally profiting from the crypto markets. He aims to use this knowledge and experience to find high reward cryptocurrency investment opportunities for you.

Dominic Frisby

Dominic Frisby is a highly-respected journalist and investor, and a true cryptocurrency expert. He has written extensively for MoneyWeek, Virgin and Breitbart, and is the author of the best-selling book, Bitcoin: The Future of Money, in which he reveals why Bitcoin and – more specifically – the Blockchain technology behind it could transform the financial industry.

Rich Jacobs

Having acquired a passion for crypto by running his Future Tech podcast and speaking with over 300 crypto companies, Rich then wrote the best-selling book, Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain: Surprising Insights From 200+ Podcast Interviews of Industry Insiders. Through a huge bank of contacts and a genuine belief that cryptos are here to stay, there are few others better placed to advise on cryptocurrencies.