Income For Life

Income for Life is a monthly publication, which will help you turn a modest lump sum in to a regular, sustainable income.

Each month, investment director Greg Robinson will explore income-focused ideas that are low to medium risk, and provide clear, actionable advice for you to follow.

At the heart of this lies Greg’s Income Maximiser Strategy – a twopronged approach to supercharging your gains from the financial markets.

But that’s not all. Greg will also look at alternative income-generating ideas like peer-to-peer lending; property investments; income funds, bonds and other off-beat strategies.

At Income for Life, it’s Greg’s mission to navigate you towards strategies that are suitable for you and that will help you make decent income from the markets in today’s world of low returns.

Meet The Editor

Greg Robinson

Greg Robinson

After graduating with an honours degree in Computer Science, Greg worked for many years as a freelance IT consultant, consulting for numerous banks and other blue chip companies. Throughout his career he pursued his interest in investment, including a number of property investments in the UK and abroad. However, around 2008 Greg began focusing on options and in 2010 largely retired from IT to become a full time trader. It was his passion for and knowledge of trading that led Greg to Agora and Income for Life.

He lives in North Yorkshire with his wife and daughter and what he describes as a crazy dog. In his spare time he enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking and travelling.