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Altucher's Crypto Trader

Historians will call today's cryptocurrency market the biggest BOOM ever. Successful entrepreneur, investor and cryptocurrency guru, James Altucher's goal is to help you achieve tremendous gains from this boom in the months and years ahead.

The Altucher Report

We're living in a new generation of employment. Today, it's no longer a choice of “should I be an entrepreneur or an employee?” We’re all entrepreneurs. And our product is ourselves. The goal of The Altucher Report is simple: to break through the noise and find success in today's new, information economy.

Breakthrough Biotech

A weekly premium publication dedicated to identifying the most exciting companies in the biotech sector. If you're looking to take advantage of what many believe to be the biggest bull market at the moment, Breakthrough Biotech is the publication for you.

Cryptocurrency Profits

Cryptocurrency Profits is perfect for anyone looking to take their first steps into the cryptocurrency market. Every other week, the Cryptocurrency Profits team will be in touch to let you know about all the latest cryptocurrency developments and which cryptocurrencies you should be looking to buy and hold for the best chance of a long-term return.

The Crypto Profit Alert

Want the chance to make big profits fast from cryptocurrencies? Then The Crypto Profit Alert is for you. Expert Rich Jacobs will use his cryptocurrency trading knowledge and experience, and his industry insider connections to help you get in the right crypto trades at the right time for massive gains.

Currency Wars Alert

Trade alongside veteran FX trader Tom Tragett as he looks to take advantage of the next big move in the currency war. Should you be shorting the pound right now? Buying the yen? Tom will tell you, and guide you every step of the trade.

Gold Speculator

Gold Speculator was founded by author of The New Case For Gold, Jim Rickards, and is managed by investment director, David Stevenson. The publication helps readers take advantage of moves in the gold price without buying physical gold, instead investing in gold mining companies.

The ICO Alert

Forget about Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum… If you're looking for the biggest, fastest crypto gains, and you've got the stomach for taking higher risks, then focus your attention on ICOs. The ICO Alert will show you how best to invest in this explosive, edge-of-your-seat market.

Income for Life

Income For Life is a monthly publication designed to help you generate a regular income from a lump sum. Each month, investment director Greg Robinson will explore income-focused ideas that are low to medium risk, and provide clear, actionable advice for you to follow.

Microcap Millionaires

Microcap Millionaires is our most exclusive investment service. It's dedicated to the smallest, most exciting, and potentially most lucrative sector in the market: Microcap stocks.

Rickards's Crypto Profits

Rickards's Crypto Profits is a one-of-a-kind newsletter taking an alternative approach to the cryptocurrency markets. Rather than speculate, financial expert Jim Rickards and Investment Director Greg Robinson calculate which cryptos and blockchain companies can stand the test of time. Sign up for the most exciting crypto plays each month.

Strategic Intelligence

For investors looking for a more defensive approach to investing, Strategic Intelligence offers just the experience and insight you need. Bringing together a global network of investment experts, this monthly publication helps keeps you prepared and protected.

Technology Profits Confidential

Technology Profits Confidential is a monthly publication that aims to help you determine the right time to get in on some of technology’s most promising companies and ideas.