Rickards’s Crypto Profits

Bitcoin may have produced the first cryptocurrency millionaires, but its technology is hugely flawed.

If you want to make money in the cryptocurrency markets these days, you’ll need to look at what’s happening beyond bitcoin.

In this fast-paced, ever-changing market, it’s the ‘next generation’ cryptos and highly promising blockchain companies that will win out in the end.

Speculating doesn’t cut it anymore. Now is the time for calculated investments.

Editor Jim Rickards and Investment Director Greg Robinson share the most exciting opportunities in the cryptocurrency markets every month.

Investments need to tick all the boxes of Jim’s Five Factor Formula.

C * Consensus – The user base lends credibility, like the way Google ranks search results

O * Open Source – Cannot be controlled by the government

I * Impenetrable – Cannot be hijacked with tricks like “51% attacks,” “gatekeeper attacks,” and “Sybil attacks”

N * No-Nonsense Governance — Must be efficient and not get bogged down by “work”

N * Nimble — Fast, easy, cheap payments processing

Bitcoin failed the COINN test, but our recommendations sure won’t.

This newsletter isn’t interested in speculating on a crypto’s value going up. It’s approaching the cryptocurrency market like a stock market.

Only the coins and companies that can demonstrate their real-world application make it to the short list. And it’s only these investments that we expect to still be around when most others have failed.