Welcome to The Penny Share Letter

The Penny Share Letter was launched in May 2015 to help rekindle the UK’s love for investing in companies that are shaping the future.

As I write this, we’ve already welcomed over 6,000 readers, from first time investors to those who’ve been investing for years but missing the great excitement you can get from penny shares. The feedback we’ve received already has been excellent.

For example, Rick sums up the positive response we’ve had here:

“I’d like to start and give you a massive thank you for your work! I am new to all this and have been thinking many years about getting in to the small cap market. I have read many issues and it is a huge welcome to know that at your [newsletter] you are endevaring to produce a helpful program to help in the fight to find the strong from the weak.”

It’s great to see the letter is already hitting the mark with readers. But frankly, we want to keep growing our readership because we genuinely feel like more people should be taking advantage of penny share investing.

After all, investing in penny shares gives you an edge over hedge funds and the City… it allows you to start investing even if you haven’t got a lot of money to start with… and it gives you more chances to invest in a truly game-changing company that could return gains in the thousands.

Investing in penny shares allows you to actually own a piece of the future of our world… it means you can discover new companies first, without any of the mainstream financial press finding out… and it gives you a chance to make money without the taxman being able to get his hands on your profits.

And investing in penny shares finally opens the doors to the profitable world of stocks for people who’ve never been able to get in before… it teaches you new things about the world and how new companies are transforming the way we live… and it allows you to start building towards a better financial future for you and your family.

Led by our small companies expert, Sean Keyes, The Penny Share Letter aims to help people like you take advantage of the many benefits of investing in penny shares. Each month he gives you the lowdown on an exciting new company that he believes is set to skyrocket and each week he keeps you up to date on the progress.