The Team

Claire Roberts

Claire Roberts – Operations Manager

Claire began her career at Agora in 2008. Working in our Customer Service department she developed an insightful knowledge of our company from the point of view of our readers and eventually moved into our product development team, where she plays an integral role in ensuring our products and services meet the needs of our readers. In her spare time she loves DIY and is currently renovating her home. She lives in South West London.

Duncan Moreland

Duncan Moreland – Copywriter

Duncan joined Agora in 2012. Since joining he has written promotions, articles and reviews – basically, anything with words in it. He’s got a degree in English with Creative Writing, which he reckons is tantamount to having a napkin signed by Lionel Richie attached to your CV. In his spare time he falls off skateboards, reads science fiction and whiles his life away on the odd video game – not to mention the great time and effort he puts into annoying his significant other. He currently lives in South East London, where market stalls, bookies and underpriced fishmongers are the rule of law.

Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson – Internal Marketer

Rebecca joined the Agora team in the summer of 2016 all the way from down under (Australia). She graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor or Marketing Management and decided to move to the UK to work. Having loved London and Agora, Rebecca has decided to stay and live here. In her spare time she enjoys traveling and playing touch rugby. She lives in South West London.

Daniel Clifford

Daniel Clifford – Copywriter

Daniel joined Agora in 2016 and specialises in writing both long and short sales copy – as well as the odd article. Aside from copywriting, Daniel also sub-edits the company’s flagship newsletter, The Daily Reckoning. He has a degree in English Literature, and in his spare time he enjoys reading, writing and going to the gigs of obscure bands he finds on the internet. He is a Welshman living in South East London.

Joseph Mekail

Joseph Mekail – External Marketer

Joe joined in October 2016 after graduating in marketing. He runs campaigns on different ad networks and tries to bring in new customers into the business. In his spare time, he goes the Emirates to watch Arsenal play and sees the occasional musical here and there.

Amy Karczewski

Amy Karczewski – Production Manager

Amy joined the team in 2017. She broadcasts newsletters, manages some of Agora’s social media pages and works with the marketing department. Born in Greenwich but grew up by the seaside in Margate. She has a degree in photography and helped baby turtles safely get to the sea on the beach in Mexico.

Mujahid Chowdhury

Mujahid Chowdhury – Web Developer

Initially web development started as a hobby for me. However once I saw the opportunities available in the web development/ IT sector I decided to get serious and upskill. I have now been developing for just over 8 years. I run my own web development business whilst working at Agora Financial UK. In my spare time I enjoy staying fit, travelling and BBQing with my family, friends and pet hamster called Günter.