Welcome to Untapped Fortunes

I’m David Stevenson, Investment Director of Untapped Fortunes.

Untapped Fortunes represents everything we stand for here at Agora Financial UK. It doesn’t just follow the crowd. It’s independent and unbiased.

In fact, Untapped Fortunes is a 100% contrarian concept. It loves investments that everyone else loathes.

It’s focus will be on finding the hidden gems in the markets – the true ‘underdog’ investments that have been ignored or dismissed by other investors but, crucially, are on the verge of a sudden breakout.

I believe that such unique opportunities can make you pots of money.

Untapped Fortunes, is a highly exclusive service, with a much smaller number of subscribers.

The reason for this is that in the main, I will be recommending small cap stocks.

As you may know, small cap value stocks – i.e. with market worth of less than £1bn – are the sector where you can find some of the best opportunities in equity markets.

Smaller companies often stand on lower valuations than big caps: this can provide greater upside potential. Profit recoveries can be greater, too.

I believe that for subscribers to Untapped Fortunes, here’s where the real money will be made in future.

That said, I won’t just be restricted to stocks. I’ll be casting the net over commodity and currency markets as well. I’ll also recommend buying into other vehicles – such as ETFs – if I see real recovery chances on the horizon.

As long as I see true value, and a catalyst for a big upside move coming soon, we’ll be getting on board.

Make no mistake: being a true contrarian investor can be very tough. It takes guts to stand against the view of the crowd. And not every opportunity I spot will end up going our way. Small cap stocks – and other ‘out of favour’ investments – are risky after all.

However, if all the pieces fall into place, I believe that buying cheap investments using my contrarian approach, Untapped Fortunes can offer some of the best long-run returns around.